Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Random drawings..

"Insects that cuts ants/mosquitoes/anything that likes to bite you"
(I believe he was annoyed bitten by mosquitoes lately)

"Here is transformer"
"here is Humpty Dumpty playing jumping up and down"


"superhero eggs!"



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Random update..

I was just saying last month, that I didn't care if he couldn't read music...

A few songs later, I slap myself for saying that too soon.

So, I've signed us up for individual lessons in Edvox. Class will start in May.

**looking forward**

"Let's go ice-skating!"

Close to dawn this morning, I heard IZ shouting:

IZ: I dreamed I went ice-skating, alone!
Me: wow.. (sleep again)

When I woke him up, I asked if he could remember.

IZ: yes, I went ice-skating, alone.. 2 rounds you know?
Me: wow, was it fun?
IZ: yes!
Me: was it slippery? (thinking back to the nightmare I went into the rink for the first time in my life in Melbourne)
IZ: not it was not.. it was up the hill..
Me: up the hill??
IZ: yes, can you bring me to ice skating?
Me: huh? no.. we are going USS this week, remember?
IZ: I don't want to go USS, I want to go ice-skating..
Me: you want to go ice-skating?
IZ: yes! let's go ice-skating in MELBOURNE!
Me: ok, I got to go to work and earn more money!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


IZ: come and play with me, Mommy
Me: I don't know how to play Lego (thinking about my lack of thinking out of the box skills)
IZ: you don't know? you can make ANYTHING with Lego, you know?

His creation - Rapunzel
(really anything huh)

"Why should I?"

"Why should I?" X 1000 times a day..

Sometimes, it's really tempting to tell him "coz I said so"...

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A step towards independence..

During our vacation lately, he insisted on brushing his own teeth, using the toilet himself, feeding himself.. all thanks to my friend's daughters. They were great inspirations..

So, suddenly starting last week, he could put on his socks and shoes on his own for school.


My big boy