Monday, 23 February 2015

Scattered brain? Where?

Telling hubby my brain seemed scattered..

IZ: what's scattered?
Me: means everywhere
IZ: but I didn't see your brain anywhere?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tongue Tie Release

It was stressful to keep track of the time and made IZ had his last meal (a pineapple tart), last milk (at 2.30am) and last water (at 6.50am) on the day of surgery.

We arrived at 9.30am sharp.

Registration at 9.30am
We went into the Day Surgery department after registration. Weight and height measured. Numbing cream "plastered".

And he had to take off everything except his underwear..

And change into the hospital "gown"

The sexiest patient I've ever seen

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 Then we were brought to Level 2 to wait for the surgery.

In the waiting room..

Enjoyed himself while waiting..

I guess he was nervous
After waited what seemed forever.. hmm it was really forever.. the surgery was "supposedly scheduled" at 10.30am.. we were not called for the OT until close to 11.30am.. I started to feel hungry, I could imagine IZ too, but he didn't complain. Felt heart pain seeing his dry lips. I dared not ask him if he was feeling hungry or thirsty.

He's got cold feet while we were headed to OT11, for few steps he took forward, he took one backward. Once he stepped into the OT, he wanted to leave. It was scary.. there were 6-7 staffs in OT attire, although they were all very friendly.

So he refused to blow the balloon (the breathing mask). He chose to be poked, but it took them forever, and he started crying in pain while I held him tight. It didn't occur to me then, why he felt pain when he had numbing cream on both his hands? They didn't manage to poke him even after IZ keeping still for a while.

Apparently the numbing cream didn't spread under the plaster, so the vein area they supposed to poke was not numb. And so he could feel the pain. Duhz!

After another what seemed forever of bubbles blowing and many distractions by the nurses, I decided to bring out my weapon (the tobot smart key), in the hope he would be too distracted to resist anything.

He still refused to use the mask. So they gave us syrup to make him giddy. He refused to drink at first, but finished it eventually, with cup, with syringe, with cup. Estimated time to be giddy, 10mins.

15mins past.. nothing happened, he was not even close to giddy.

Tried to ask him to blow the balloon again, he refused..

By then I was perspiring, desperately trying to keep calm and patient..

The consultant finally said (after 30/45 mins?!) if still cannot put him to sleep, we have to reschedule the surgery.

I finally asked IZ once more "do you want your friends to be able to hear you speak properly?"

He said "yes".

"Ok, so, do as said. You just need to count to 20"

They made him lie down on the bed..

And so he counted .. up to 19.. and he said "20 already what" and struggled to sit up..

Seeing he was still very awake, they held on him, head, hands, legs and "knock him out" - he struggled while losing consciousness (the hardest moments in my parenting life thus far)

I was near to tears when the staffs thanked me, and I thanked them instead. And packed and left the OT. If I was left alone, I would have cried.

I waited outside as asked, I was trembling.

After a while (10mins later), the young doc came out and announced that the tongue tie was released. It was over in 1 minute. He's prescribed some numbing gel and panadol for the wound. We were to go back for post-surgery review the week after. He said the staffs will let me know when I can go in to see IZ.

My bro and hubby then came up to join me.

Another 20mins later, I was asked to go in and look at IZ in the Recovery Room. There was ONE nurse attached to EACH kid. He was still unconcious. They told me usually the kids will regain consciousness after half hour.

1.5 hours passed.. but he didn't show any sign of waking up - despite attempts to wake him. At one point, he sat up, then he knocked out again.

Consultant then came, and pressed the back of his ears to wake him. He woke up with an "OUCH!" and knocked out again. They agreed he was ok to be released to Day Surgery.

He continued sleeping when we transferred him to Day Surgery. And was still sleeping after I finished my lunch.

The nurse told hubby we had to wake him so that he wouldn't get gastric from empty stomach.

Slowly he managed to be awake, although we could see he was still feeling giddy.

We were discharged at 4pm..

I was then stressed about the pain he would probably feel after the surgery. It wasn't until 3 hours later, he crunched and held his jaw in pain. But he didn't cry and didn't complain. Asked if he was feeling painful, he said Yes.

He went about as usual, except for the occasional pause to breathe in when he felt painful. I was really amazed by his pain tolerance. A strong boy I have.

For his bravery....
Spiderman balloon and Captain America from JiuJiu
Tobot Smart Key from daddy and mommy
A bravery award from the hospital

I was really impressed by KKH service:
1) the flow was really smooth - from one point to another
2) the staffs were really friendly and patient - they treat your precious like their very own
3) the hospital is really children friendly - it's really not called a Children's hospital for nothing!
4) one nurse to one child in the recovery room - taking note of their pulses every interval
5) they called me on the 2nd working day after the surgery to check on IZ's condition

Some minor stuffs:
1) numbing cream do not spread under the plaster.. err..
2) pharmacist went for late lunch, thus not able to deliver medicine - luckily hubby was with us, so we could fetch the medicine ourselves
3) I didn't even know which was the doctor which was the nurse!
4) for sure, there were the same SOP questions asked throughout the flow.. when was the last food, when was the last water, any metals in/on the body etc.. Was there a need for some many rounds? The timing wouldn't change, would they?

Now, I'm looking forward to what doc has to say at the post-surgery review.

Well done, IZ!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tomorrow is THE DAY..

We rescheduled his surgery from 5th Feb'15 to 12th Feb'15 as his cough and runny nose did not recover within the 10 days time frame. Since rescheduled, he was on the way to recovery and recovered completely well over the 10 days time frame.

But this time frame was the longest ever. I am paranoia, over possibility he'll catch bug and fall sick again. Any sneeze he made, sent a jolt to my heart, maybe like an AED. "not again" I would think. Really stressed to keep up.

Thank goodness, all is well. We avoided crowded places, although he continued going to school and classes.

KKH sent a sms on 9th Feb'15 to call them if he has fever/cough/cold.

Tomorrow is THE DAY.

KKH called me a while ago to give me the fasting instructions (asking again if he has fever/cough/cold for the past 2 weeks):

No food after 12am (milo/milk is ok)
Only water after 3am
No food/drink after 7am

Registration at 9.30am, surgery is estimated to be at 10.30am.

(Gosh, I really don't know how he can fast this long.. will he cry coz he's hungry?)

I have mixed feelings.

Anxious, I pray for his smooth recovery and least pain possible. My heart is aching whenever I think of him crying in pain.

Anticipating, the day has finally come for him to overcome his speech problem (and maybe swallowing problem too).

Worried, that he doesn't improve even after surgery and speech therapies. What should we do?

I've prepared the Tobot Smart Key as a gift. Hopefully that can distract him a little off the pain he may experience.

I pray for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Let's have a feast!

IZ: mommy, let's have a feast
Me: huh (hungry at this hour? another growth spurt?)
IZ: let's have a feast
Me: what do you mean? (pineapple tarts? nutella bread again?)
IZ: it means let's have a talk
Me: ah.. talk..

I wonder why feast = talk...

Guess what he wanted to talk about?

IZ: why the grandfather's clock has chain?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Music lernen-reise..

I'm not one born with music talent. I remember dreading piano practices as my mom nagged and "forced" me to practice. I don't remember why I took up piano, but I vaguely remember started my journey in a music school and then changed to a private teacher.

In the beginning, I didn't have a piano. I had to practice in the music school. I guess that's why I didn't do well the first 2 years. Understandable now (but not then), my progress was quite stagnant in the music school that my mom got pissed and engaged a private teacher instead. By now, you could guess my "talent level".. almost non-existence I guess.

I went to the teacher's house, half hour of playing and the remaining on theories. Gosh, I remember dreading the theory part too. I couldn't go home if I did not answer all correctly, and I had to do, re-do and re-do until I got them right. Especially bad when preparing for exams, I always felt like crying.

I quit piano when I was in Form 6 (JC1 equivalent) at the age of 18, when I was preparing Grade 7. I quoted I couldn't cope, I needed to prepare for STMP (A level equivalent). What a bullshit.

Hearing piano sound now, makes my fingers itchy. But tell you what, I couldn't play for my life (not without pieces anyway). I was trained to play classicals, I was not adventurous, I have never ventured anything more than Richard Clayderman's pieces. Other than that, give me a piano, I have to figure how to play Happy Birthday song. Now you can confirm I have no talent at all.

But I love music. I love hearing music sound. I love hearing different instruments.

It is in my wish, to let IZ explore music. It is really good for emotion expression. I remember banging on my piano when I was angry, when I was sad, when I was happy. There was a channel to vent.

While watching Cantabile Tomorrow (a Korean show about orchestra, instruments, talented musicians), I was mesmerized by the sound of a cello. It's so melancholic.

So I hope IZ could take up cello. Unfortunately, he's too young. The only instruments he could play at the age of 4 is either piano (or keyboard) or violin.

As Kinderland has keyboard lesson in the music class, I decided we should go for violin. Afterall, if he can play a violin, he shouldn't have problem playing a cello, wouldn't he?

IZ obviously has different opinions. His list would go: trumpet, ukulele, guitar..

I told IZ he will learn violin till he turns 5, and then he can choose an instrument that he likes then. Actually at 5 years old, he probably can choose ukulele and guitar, for trumpet probably close to 6 or 7 years old.

It's not that I want to groom him as a violinist or musician whatsoever. It's the whole package. The joy of playing music on an instrument, using both hands for brain stimulation, the discipline to practice diligently, and also if possible taking up cello if he likes it? Hahaha...

To cut story short, he is we are now attending class on Sunday by MusArt Edu Hut who is run by Kids Philharmonic founder, Mr Lee.

More on the violin lernen-reise in future post..

His 1/10 and my full size

Drawing progress..

As he didn't want to continue with ART class, and insisted he wanted DRAWING class..

His progress in Innoart..

Trial class in Nov'14

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9
Updated on 31st Mar'15:
Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12