Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Latest drawing

I think it's super cute!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A story about storytelling..

I do not remember since when we started reading to him before bedtime.

Or rather, we tried to do it when he was younger, but he was not interested.

One day, he just started asking for stories to be told. And then he continued to dig storybooks out from the shelves and asked for storytelling.

Usually, I would read the book, most of the times word by word. I'm not one you'll call creative or innovative. Not someone who could think out of a box.

Usually, hubby would read in Chinese. He would engage IZ in his reading. And I'm not sure since when, IZ started repeating the Chinese words too.

And then he progressed, he asked for random stories after lights out too. That's when I was forced to think out of a box.

On nights I couldn't think of anything, I would just tell stories with the known storyline.

On nights when I feel like being more creative, I would try to make something up.

And last night was one of the nights. He behaved very well, so I decided to put on my creative thinking cap.

I told him a story about Parker. The story would eventually become a Spiderman story, but I tried to twist the story a little coz to be honest, I do not remember how Parker became a Spiderman.

It was the first time, I got him lying down so still, with his eyes opened wide, staring into the empty space, as if he was imagining the story. It got to a point where he got so excited and sat up and asked me "what's that?!"

Because I was interrupted, the flow was disconnected.

I tried to ask him in return, questions about my story. Just to check if he was listening at all.

I told him about an old lady crossing the road with a trolley, a heavy truck was headed towards her.

IZ exclaimed "there is a baby sitting up on the trolley!"

Oh wow, I was impressed. Where did the baby come from? I only said a trolley, I didn't say what kind of trolley, or what's in the trolley!

He really did imagine the story afterall.

And I'm motivated.. inspired to continue this story about Parker tonight.. just to see that intensed look and the sparkle in his eyes.. it's all worth it.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Love was everywhere!

Did you know it was Valentine's Day on Friday?

Or you are somebody who heck care when is Vday.. someone who thinks everyday is Vday (if you have the money.. or love?).. or you are somebody who fell out of love and detested the arrival of Vday?

What about me?

Oh well, I knew and anticipated the arrival of the day. It was one of the excuses reasons to celebrate. Hmmm.. so how did I celebrate?

We went for a dinner! And I had my badly craved lamb chop. I originally craved for the one Western Chow makes but they are closed nowhere to be found. If you know where they are now, could you please drop me a note?

So we went to nowhere fancy but some kopitiam Western Food at jeng jeng jeng.. Geylang*! Hubby was on a phone call when he picked me, so he had absolutely no idea where I was directing him to. When I said Geylang, he went "what's there?", "well, let's open a room shall we?! muahahaha" I gave him an evil laugh.

The lamb chop was goooooood! It was served in a sizzling hotplate..

And the portion was generous too!
It took us some time to be able to find a parking lot. I considered Aston's, Jack's Place, The Ship, Botak Jones but the picture of the sizzling lamb chop I found online helped me with the decision making.

*For those who do not know, Geyland is the red light district in Singapore.

Anyway, that's not the point of my post.

After dinner, we went home and brought IZ to NEX's library.

WOW.. I was surprised to see NEX was so crowded! It was like all the couples in Singapore decided to flock out of their nest and do couple things on Valentine's day! There were couples in every blink of eyes! Many were holding flowers, bears, balloons, paper bags with presents and what's not.

There were long queue at almost all the restaurants too. 

Now I realise what some said Vday is so commercialised. Hmm.. I didn't get flowers, I didn't get bears, I didn't get balloons, but I celebrated it the way I wanted. Eating my favorite food with my loved one.

I guess I'm a practical person. I enjoy receiving flowers (from my exes... ehem, dear hubby did you see this?) but the "what to do with it" at the end of the day gave (note the past tense) me headache. Do I dry them so they collect dust? Do I throw them away but it felt like throwing away the thought and the heart that came with it?

Brings me to another point.

Mostly who gave/received flowers were youngesters, they did not look a day over 25 if they are over 20. Well, there were a lot of thoughts going in my mind, as if I was trying to put a bubble dialog on couples that we saw that night.

"Heck, why did he give me such a small bouquet?" 
"Look at that! That's called bouquet!"
"What look at this, why the bf so stingy?"
"Wah bro, you really generous ah"
"Wah bro, you spoil market le"
"See? My gf has the biggest bouquet"
"And we are having Jack's Place!"
"What? Mc'D only?"

And the conversations go on and on in my brain.. I started to pity the guys.


To be exact, I pity my son.

In 10-15 years down the road, he would be facing this "competition". He is 3 now by the way, I may be thinking too much, but I guess I would have to "instill" the "right" thing in his brain from now..

That Vday is for loved ones.. including his daddy and mommy, not just gf. And there's no need to spend too much on flowers? Hahahaha.. oh, and most importantly, we'll definitely teach him that "girl that mind whatever he gives, is not worth his time".

Everyday is Vday.. when you have love.. Love is everywhere, spread your love, and you shall be loved.

Latest drawing..

Clock with different numbers he said.
I suspected he wanted to try Roman numbers.

Driving a car he said.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


The whole household and maybe neighbours could be waken by this, seriously...

Still obsessed with clocks all over the shop, we decided to buy him an alarm clock. And told him he's responsible to wake up on his own.

The real reason: he is a pain when we wake him in the morning..hiak hiak!

Day 1: he got shocked when the alarm went off and I taught him how to switch it off.
(He proudly told his teacher he woke up by himself!)

Day 2: he woke up and switch the alarm off by himself, and said "yeay!" (while I was peeping from far)

Oh well, you probably think he is too young to shoulder such "responsibility", but I do not think so. Period.

Monday, 10 February 2014


I started my placement in a local children's home few weeks ago, my second placement since my first with a local childcare center ended.

I'm thankful for being granted this opportunity to see the real world. The difference between children in a childcare center and children in a children's home. The environment, the people, the feeling, I feel deeply.

Every Sat, I feel for the children. Every Sat, I feel for all the children in the world. Every Sat, I count my blessings. Every Sat, I count IZ's blessings.

I remember breaking down after the 1st session.

Every Sat, I ask myself, how can I help them better?

The feeling of helping one child at a time is not sufficient bugs me every week. It makes me feel helpless.

What can I do to help more children in need?

CNY 2014

Eve of CNY Eve - shopping for plants!

Pretty like the flowers

With beloved Grandma

CNY Eve - Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 1 - blessed in the temple

Happy boy with the red dot on his forehead

Super cute chewy!

Concussed on Day 1 as usual...
CNY Day 2 - Headed to KL on Aeroline!

Fell asleep while watching 2nd movie, Monsters University!
He killed Cinderella 3 once the entertainment system was on.

Feast at Da Jiu's - bamboo shoots!

Hou si fatt choy - yummylicious!
Very yummy fish - I do not know the name

1999 red wine

Lion Dance in the house!

CNY Day 4 - Lunch at Tai Thong KLCC
IZ's first louhei for the year!

Gong Gong Poh Poh and Yima's family

Gallop gallop!

Dinner with Aunty Jenny's Family @ Pumpkin Garden Restaurant

With Gong Gong Poh Poh too

Yummy pumpkin porridge steamboat

Asked for baking class the night before we left

Engrossed with how Yi Ma bakes

Can I eat?

Little helper helping out

I did it!

Pretty flowers

CNY Day 5 - On the way back to Sg

His blessings received in Sg

His blessings received in KL
This year, he wished people he met "happy new year" and "gong xi fa cai" and kinda waited to be given red packets. A janitor in our neighbourhood also gave him one. What a blessed child.

I was very proud of him when relatives came to our house on the 1st day of CNY, and he was not afraid, instead he stood near the door, greeted and shook hands with everyone like a little adult.

Even more proud of him when I brought him to my Aunt's house in KL where my mom's side would gather on 2nd day of CNY. He was not afraid of our relatives who he has not met since he was 8 mo except for an Aunt that came to Sg for visiting just last Xmas. He greeted and smiled and made himself just at home.

Felt comforted that he show signs that he is an independent and securely attached child.

Good job, my son! May you be blessed with good health and lots of happiness in the coming year!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Random Updates in Jan'14

Have not posted for a while.. not coz I was lazy, but coz IE is not Blogger friendly, I have to use Chrome to blog from now on.

23rd Jan'14: @ Daddy's workplace

23rd Jan'14: @ Daddy's workplace

24th Jan'14: Wanted to play "ke ren lai"

18th Jan'14 - messed up his Chinese writing

29th Jan'14 - Yippie!

Random play with daddy

Creativity has no limit

Unwrapping my present to his daddy

Can't wait to see the surprise!

Playing Humpty Dumpty at the playground

Reading session every night

Let's jog!

Another playground

Time flies.. it was his 6th class in heART Studio! Stay tuned for all the
art collections!

Chinese reading time

Can you believe it's his first ride?
It's gonna be a lucky year!