Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Random drawing.. @3yo

Daddy, Mommy and IZ!

Spider & its web

Humpty Family

Monday, 27 January 2014

Huat ah!!!

RSGK: Tennis!

3rd lesson of our 2nd term with Ready Steady Go Kids!

Past 2 lessons, he learnt football, I didn't take photos.. grrr..

Presenting.. IZ learning TENNIS!

I received compliments from a fellow mom who sent her son to the class, that IZ is very well behaved and can take instructions really well. Well, I think he improved tremendously too.. He doesn't run and play without teacher giving the "Ready Steady GO!".

Well done, my son! All thanks to the consistency from Teacher Imran and Teacher Iz!

For our adventure in RSGK:

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Branded bag hunt...

Hubby asked what I would like to have as 5th anniversary gift. I've thought about it for months. At first I was thinking along wood anniversary, to get wooden stuffs, read: piano or guzheng.. and considered about the space and all..

Then my focus was to get a branded bag.. well, I'm turning xx years old this year, I thought I could use a slightly better bag. I went into Reebonz everyday, with one of my BFFs and considered and talked about the bags EVERYDAY.. ya, nothing better to do right?

The thing about eyeing the bags are.. eye candies.. haha!

But I did not feel the urge to buy any of them, although when I saw a good deal, I almost wanted to buy, for the sake of buying and utilising the budget hubby allocated for me.

And so, I was reluctant.. an extra bag is nice to have, but I really do not fully utilise the few bags I already have at home.. so, I tried to reason out why I need a bag.. for what ocassion..

For work? Checked.
For weekedn? Checked.
For classes? Checked.

Recommended by BFF - Loewe Amazona..
I kinda like the colour combination and the gold lock!
Amazona 23 comes with shoulder straps but it's way too small
Amazona 28 seems to be a size I do not have, but there was not much options on Reebonz the last 2 weeks
Amazona 32 I figured abit too bulky for me

I'm so in love with Lady Dior.. so classic..
In the wishlist!
I could have bought it now, but I'm not sure how often I would be using it so, why buy?

This is YSL now Saint Laurent is a dream - I love white stuffs - dresses, shirts, bags, shoes..
but they are a pain to care for..

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 6
I almost bought coz it was S$1500 on Reebonz but BFF said it looks like LV Speedy

The last I saw this.. only because hubby would prefer I buy a PRADA
After all the eyeing for 2 weeks.. I finally decided NOT TO GET ANY BAG..

I still concluded that I do not need that many a bag...

Instead, I bought a guzheng using the budget.. there are alot of balance of coz, but at least I see the immediate need to use a guzheng.. Boohoo!

What a waste right? Ya! I know! But that's me.. isk isk..

Isn't she a beauty? :-)

Introducing my beauty, freshly delivered last night!.. It was love at first sight..

Brand: Shanghai Dunhuang
Type: 21 string performance grade

It was the peacock that called out to me when I went to look at the instruments.. as they were handmade, each one is different.. another one I saw didn't call out as much as this peacock.. super love it!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Modelling clay aka plasticins!

Got this for under a dollar (if I remember correctly) in a neighbourhood trading shop that sells almost everything. Walking down the memory lane.. brought me back to N years ago in my school days..

And so, last night we played with this.. and he made airplane, he made train, he made a man, snowman, and the list goes on...

Train he made

Mouse I made - no talent eh?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Actitives in Nursery..

Although we read everyday.. all kind of materials, mostly I bought or we borrowed from the library, I have never thought of the need for him to recognise words.

He started recognising his own name over a month ago, and then he learnt daddy's name and my name. He has developed genuine interest in knowing how to spell something random he came about. I answered him accordingly only when he asked.

Last week, the teacher left a note in the communication book that they would have activities:
Mon: news flash (we are to bring an article suitable for the kids)
Wed: reader (they provide us with 2 small booklet called readers)
Fri: music (we are to bring the percussion set every week)

News flash:
Well, how hard can that be? The newspaper is full of articles! WRONG! It's really hard to find one that is suitable for a 3yo! I resorted to looking at illustrations FIRST, before deciding whether or not he could comprehend what's written. Horse carriage trapped in a flash flood? Pass! Wildfire in Perth? Seems doable, and so I told him we would bring that to school. He coudn't be bothered, really. I'm really interested to know how the teacher conduct this news flash activity.

Interestingly, the English and Chinese booklets are of the same topic, My Family. While I know it's inevitable that some families are bigger than the others, I particularly reluctant to go through pages with the "This is my brother" or "This is my younger sister". Oh, come on, he doesn't have any! But I know my problem is a small problem compared to orphans who has lost either or both the parents etc etc..

We realised they had the same smile, look at the eyes!
The beginning of his 5000 over Chinese Characters?! He's only 3!

And English.......

Last weekend...

He did it again.. but this time I was watching, he said the Humpty broke his head, and thus he was grumpy

He invented a car! Even asked us to get on for a ride

I brought out the flash cards for Chinese.. coz

He started to write in Chinese!

Happy boy said "take photo mommy!"

Friday, 17 January 2014

4th Class @ Heart Studio: 15th Jan'14

As daddy had to work late, we took public transport to the class. I thought it was a brilliant journey. He was very co-operative when we took the MRT amidst the horrendous crowd due to peak hour and we were very lucky the bus ride was short and smooth. Going home, we took a cab instead. So, ya, 3 modes of public transports on one evening!

Good news I read on the news this morning, children who are below 7 years old, but above 0.9m no longer need to pay for public transport from Apr'14 onwards. Yippie!
We were early so we checked the row of shops along Upp Thomson Road

Had a break at Old School Delights - making him write our orders

Not bad isn't it?

Played snakes & ladders with him - and I realised they are not too young for some board games! I would like to get some for extra fun!

Donkey cards too - though I let him play match the same cards

His first project completed - SHADOWS
In Heart Studio, they take 3 lessons to complete a project. First lesson to learn the basic sketching and concept, Second and Third lesson to draw and paint. I like it that they take photo of the children with their art piece for every project.

2nd theme learnt in Heart Studio - CAR! He learnt 2D and 3D car that day

And so, last night, I was scouting for board games.. I stumbled upon the old school card games!

And he got the concept that he actually attempted to cheat.. more guiding to be done, to be able to accept failure.. and the cards could be used to play matching and some spelling like what he wanted to do in this pic.. all for a price of S$0.60 a stack of 36 cards.. and what you get is a lot of laughter and family bonding!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Grandfather's clock, he says

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2nd Class @ Heart Studio on 3rd Jan'14

As promised in my first post on Heart Studio, below are more photos there.

One nice thing about Heart Studio is, the kids would have a time punch card. It's like the old-fashioned type of punching in to work, you get it?

Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of him punching his card as I was rather furious that day. I was furious coz IZ's name was mispelled. When he was given the mispelled card, IZ said the card was not his. I have been very particular about how names are spelt. Come on, it's only respect no? We filled in form during registration, what's the registration fee for?

We were given a Heart Studio reusable bag to put his journal and apron home. They used marker to write IZ's name on it, and as expected it was mispelled.

Despite that, IZ had fun going to Heart Studio, Teacher Syafiq is really gentle and nice, I really admire his patience and passion towards the kiddos. I may have stranggled IZ myself. Haha!

Different expressions..

Since young, IZ has been very particular and observant about faces, whether or not they are happy faces.

He would always say "this is happy.." and asked when he saw unhappy faces, for example, "why Humpty not happy?"

I bought Eggspression set for him some time ago, and a book about expressions was included. There were happy, excited, sad, angry, afraid, shy.

So, in his drawings, we would usually see happy faces. He dislikes unhappy or sad looking faces.

Lately, I can't be sure if he is being good in expressing different expressions on the face of what he drew or that he is unhappy.. I am not able to figure. As I saw his drawing only after they were done, not when he was drawing them. Otherwise, I would be able to hear his narration when he draws.

What do you think? 

I somehow felt this little ghost is so depressed

And I can't figure if this is an angry or shocked face

Guess I'll have to spend some time around him to observe his behaviour lately. I've been a little busy. I know he's crying for attention when he insists I bring him to the bathroom to pass urine, or when he asked me to take care of him.

Guilty stricken...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

To be able to give..

I shall skip how I get this opportunity as it is irrelevant anyway.

It was my first time volunteering on personal basis.

We were distributing rations to families in 1-room flat (shall not name the place).

I felt great although I did not know anyone there. Objective was to help the needy families.

Human chain formed at void deck to pass rations from the van. In partners we went to distribute the rations to each floor written on the piece of paper.

Our group did 2 blocks in total.

I had rather mixed feelings for the families..

While most of the elderly were really appreciative, warm and even offered us a drink, there are families that are far from that.

I know charity is not about appreciation, it's about giving, couldn't help but thinking some other more needy families would do better with the help instead.

One home was answered by a man on the phone. He obviously didn't even acknowledge us, opened the door, took our bag and closed the door again, all this while he was on the freaking phone.

One home questioned us before she even opened the door, if our bag have red packet inside. It was obvious she was not really interested in the food, but cash. It annoyed me seriously but we had to just smile and told her we were not sure.

Some of the families are young families, it's yet another reminder on how lucky we are in our daily life.

I'm counting my blessing again, thank God for being so kind to us. May I be enlightened to do more good deeds in the future and may those really in need of help gets help. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

JB: 3~5 Jan'14

Our first trip of the month. It was an impromptu decision, just a night before!

Since I had no therapy last week, I decided to give guzheng class a miss. Sad, but it's worth it for the family bonding, especially with my bro and SIL. It's been too long.

Morning breakfast at a mamak:

He really loves Malaysian teh tarik - he finished the whole cup himself (the cup I  meant to share with him.. ends up I had to order another cup for myself)

oh prata!

Workout after makan.. at a nearby playground

We saw a boy bleeding from his nose.. profusely.. felt so painful for the mother

As if they were watching a soccer game - seriously hope no one was injured (no ambulance was in sight)

Super marketing at Tesco - bugged us for the ride without money

Yummylicious KL hokkien noodles!
for the food review:

Yummy korean BBQ
for the food review:

Went home to make egg tarts!

Hearty breakfast before we head back to Sg
for the food review:

And the boy knocked out after - notice the diaper?
We thought he would be too tired to wake up to pee..