Thursday, 28 November 2013

Saying bye to Ready Steady Go Kids!

This Sunday will be the last Sunday we are going for the multi-sports class in RSGK AMK.

Yup, you read right, we are not continuing with them. Actually when we decided not to continue mid of the term, I was 100% sure about our decision.

But the last 2 weeks proved me wrong. Issac did benefit from the classes.

1) He likes to ask where is his sports class, and I reply "Ang Mo Kio". So now, he knows he is in AMK when we go to sports class. He would say "we are in Ang Mo Kio".
2) He can now count backwards, from 5 to 1. As Teacher Imran always teach them to wake up their muscles, Teacher Imran would count backwards to 1 and then said "blast off!", the kids will raise their hands up into the sky.
3) He can now make butterfly using his hand and then do a bend and says "butterfly fly slowly to the toes" and then count to 5.
4) He is also very anticipating, excited to wait for the class to start. He usually go to the circle time on his own while his peers' parents stay with them.
5) He can take instructions much better now compared to when he first started the class.
6) He learnt T-ball, cricket, golf, soccer, athletics, basketball in 1 term!

On why we decided not to continue:

1) we thought bringing him to nature, water playgrounds, playgrounds, parks will make him equally happy and excited nonetheless (without paying anything)
2) we thought the sports class would expose him to more kids his gender, which it does, but there's not much interaction between IZ and the peers as they would be guided by their parents as well as teachers (to make sure they follow the instructions). So this really defeated half of my purpose. (The other half is so to vent his energy on a weekend, but this could be achieved by #1 above, although by doing #1, we will have to actively participate)

And so, I'm not that sure anymore. But I've told IZ that we would be going for a final class this Sunday, and then we'll be going for fun on other Sundays, until his art trial class at the end of Dec. He agreed.

Feel sad to part with Teacher Imran who is a fun guy, Teacher Is (or Iz) who likes IZ alot, and Teacher Siti who started teaching them the last 3 weeks.

Well, I guess all is not the end here. One day, when IZ is old enough to participate in a sports all by himself and his peers, then it would probably be more fun.

Thank you Ready Steady Go Kids for the fun time!

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Edited on 11th Dec'13:
We are in heavy consideration to continue with RSGK next term that will start on 12th Jan'14. Why? Coz IZ couldn't stop talking about sports class and what he learnt there. He even did short put well during our holiday in Bali. So, stay tuned on the updates!

Edited on 16th Dec'13:
We decided to continue with RSGK! We are given a 10% discount if we make payment within this week. I'm excited for IZ!

Writing progress..

Well, this is not guided by me, but our helper. They have nothing much to do since it's holiday season, but to play and play. She likes to teach him stuffs. I'm really grateful for that, although I have to keep reminding her not to drill IZ, just let him be if he doesn't feel like doing any of the activities she wants to do with him.

I know, I'm indeed very blessed for having this helper. She's not just our domestic helper, she's a tutor to IZ, a friend to me, my saviour for the past 3 years. I wouldn't be able to work and travel at ease without her in our family.

IZ regards her as family too.

So, here it is, yesterday's writing progress. She's trying to correct his G, S and C.

He's still writing mirror image of G, S and C. Sometimes, I wonder if he is dyslexic. But he has no problem with relating phonic sounds and the letter sounds, and reading out the letters loudly. He only has some difficulty writing the 3 letters above.

He can recognise his own names now (can cite and can spell out as well as write his first name), being able to distinguish clearly, the correct spelling of his name ISSAC, compared to ISAAC. (I was very proud when he could do that)

I believe we have to monitor further if he needs some sort of intervention.. or probably just more time is needed. I shall remember not to rush him...

Can you believe this is done by a 3yo? :-)
PS: Another thing that triggered my concern is if you ask IZ "how old are you", he'll reply "I'm fine, thank you". As if you asked him "how are you?". Sometimes vice versa "how are you?" he'll reply "I'm 3!".

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1 week to 3yo..

I bought this set from Jann phonics for some time.. Hmm before he was even 2yo.

This is the 3rd attempt. 

First 2 attempts were disasters although he knew all the alphabets then. He was not interested in making up the words. And made a mess out of the alphabets. I concluded that he was not ready.

Last night I tried my luck again, taking it out with the stack of storybooks I intended to read. He saw and asked to do it after our reading.

I have to say I was impressed. While I may not remember how to do phonics correctly, at least I was able to read the phonics and he managed to find the letters. He didn't mess with the letters and he asked to complete the whole piece!

And tadah!

He did his first sheet today! 

Searching for the letter

Putting the letter onto the board

Spell it out loud

Good start to spelling!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The start of the long holiday...

The dreaded almost 2 months school holiday is here!

As faced by many parents, IZ wakes up as early as 7am these days since the holiday has started. Just do not understand how their brain is wired, we had to dig him out of bed if it was a school day, but he was on automatic biological clock when it isn't.

This morning, he wanted to do crayons. He asked for white crayon and told me "egg is white". But he didn't get any trace on the white paper. Then he came to me and asked me for black paper. I told him I do not have black, I have brown. He took the brown paper, and immediately sat on the floor to try with his white crayon. Satisfied that the white crayon was then visible on the paper did he nod and smiled and went back to the desk.

Busy scribbling

I tried asking what he wanted to write, but he didn't want to answer me - this is the first time he included some alphabets in his drawing

We attended a party on weekend. The mother provided the kiddos with playdough set. IZ sat there for some time playing playdough.

He then asks for playdough every night and could spend a good 2.5 hours for the past 2 nights.

If you notice, he only has dark blue colour playdough. I DIY-ed the playdough some time ago, and they are in good conditions although he has been playing with it rather often. I'm too lazy to make other colours though the recipe is simple. And I really dread IZ mixing all the colours together just like what he has done to the good expensive playdoh. The playdohs get dry and crack easily after time too.

If you are looking at making your own, please note that you can modify the recipe a little by adding colorant when you are done cooking. I dumped the blue colorant just according to the recipe and got it too dark for my liking, but thankfully IZ was not disturbed by the ugly colour at all.

What's best.. they are edible **wink**

He was painting "monster"

Flower for me - using my trophy

Sand time!

Friday, 8 November 2013

In preparation for his birthday...

As we embraced the arrival of November, I was very excited. The last 2 months of the year have always been my favorite. They are months of CELEBRATION as there will be birthday parties, Christmas party to attend.

In less than a month, IZ will turn 3. Just like last year, we'll be having a mini party at home, inviting only closest friends of both him and I. I've just ordered his birthday cake. The theme this year would be Humpty Dumpty. The happy thing is, he's no longer allergic to eggs, so this year, I have plenty of choices!

This would be my first attempt to fix a theme for his birthday.

For the past 2 birthdays, as I personally did not think he was aware of themes, we chose blue colour for his 1st birthday, and clock for his 2nd - the so-called theme applicable to only the cake! Hahaha!

Chocholate chip walnut cake from Coffeebean

Celebrated 1st birthday in With A Pinch Of Salt

Eggless clock cake from Delcie and Cupcakes from Sweetest Moments

Celebrating with friends at home
I'm looking forward to his happy face when he sees the Humpty Dumpty cake.