Friday, 26 April 2013

Sandplay.. In the house!

As the weather was... and still is nasty.. to top that up, IZ was down with brief fever last weekend, I've decided to let him play with my wet sand..

Bought 25kg of sand for therapeutic use.. I've not let him played with any of my tool kits yet, but seeing that we may be bored to death imprisoned at home...


He enjoys playing with sand (minus my constant reminder of keeping the sand in the tray.. bla bla bla)..

After 15mins or so, he decided he's had enough! Think he would prefer to do it at the beach instead.

I wish I was more supportive of him throwing sand all around.. but I didn't let my guard down.. Slap myself..

Another talking sense into IZ..

Just as I shared about the PR in our bed yesterday, I found a really good opportunity to talk sense into IZ again. About sleeping in his own bed.

He was playing on his cot while I was putting make-up to work. As though a light bulb suddenly lit up in my brain, I got the idea.

Me: IZ, remember this is your bed right. Do you want to try sleeping here tonight..
IZ: (no expression)
Me: (continued preaching) If you do not sleep in your own bed, daddy would have to sleep outside by himself, can't sleep in the room.. pity daddy.. So, do you want to try sleeping in your own bed tonight?
IZ: (nod)

Daddy has been sickly since he went to Nepal, so for the past week, he has been sleeping in the living room for fear of passing us the virus. I did tell IZ about daddy was sick, and he had to stay away, but I thought the conversation above was a good start.

When daddy came out from his shower, I decided to push my luck further.

Me: IZ, do you remember mommy telling you just now about sleeping in your own bed tonight so that daddy can sleep in the room? (winked to daddy)
IZ: (nod)
Me: that's my boy
IZ: daddy poor thing

I gave him a big hug, I hope we could do it tonight. Somehow, I felt the lump in my throat thinking my precious will be sleeping away from me tonight. Sob sob!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Baby cot.. anyone?

When I was pregnant with IZ, hubby and I went to scout for baby cot. I had no idea what type of baby cot I wanted, but we've decided on this one, Loved So Much series.

This cot is probably the most expensive big items we've purchased besides the car seat and stroller. And.. you guessed right, the biggest white elephant.

I had pride myself for utilising our big items fairly, and that we did good investments in the them and all, but this cot has been the worst investment ever.

Not that the cot is not good.. the quality is superb. I don't exactly remember how much we paid for the cot, somewhere about S$300++ to S$400 the max. Thinking back, I must have been out of my mind to choose this.

Doesn't the cot looks neat and pretty in white?

Ain't the bear cute?

Adjustable rail at one side

Best of all, could be converted into a toddler bed! How cool!

Unfortunately, IZ slept in the cot for barely 2 months....

Ain't he cute in the cutie cot?
As I breastfed him, I was just too lazy to walk to the cot (although it was just a few steps away) to bring him to nurse, then put him back to the cot again. I put him between us, and that's it. The laziness got to the point of no return, IZ became a Permanent Resident in our bed.

I have to admit that although at times, I really wish to have the bed all by ourselves ONLY, not to be kicked on the face, punched and terrorised when sleeping, I hate to admit that I love having IZ in our bed. I feel secured having him by my side.

And so did hubby too right?

There are times I contemplated to move him out, but when he couldn't, I told myself to take it easy. To asking and concerned friends, I told them I really enjoy him in our bed, and that he wouldn't want to sleep with me forever, so why not just treasure him now.

Well, of course, I received some disapproving look. Not good for marriage bla bla bla..

We will continue putting try to put him to sleep on his own, whether in his own bed or on mattresses.. but I'll continue treasuring his presence in our bed till then. 

Lately I saw this on the Facebook.. haha! What a great idea! Then the white elephant could be put to better use!

PS: Of course, a much better use would be to pass the cot to my future niece/nephew!!

What a brilliant idea!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pretend Play

I was playing eggs with IZ two nights ago, and putting them into a toy truck, gave me an idea.

So I told IZ that the hen has just laid eggs, I'll put 4 eggs onto the truck to be sold in the market.

As usual, I knew he would want to snatch the eggs away.

I told him no, in order to get an egg, he would have to pay.

He said "I don't have money" and gestured with his hands.

"You'll have to pay"

"I don't have money" he said again.

"Ok, since you do not have money, you can get something to exchange. Why not you get a book to exchange an egg with me?"

He went to the book shelf and took a book and we exchanged.

We repeated that again.

The third time, he decided he was too tired to walk.

He simply used his hands, pretended to grasp something and then dough a little and said "money".

Amused, I gave him an egg.

The last one, he did the same, and he exchanged all the eggs.

I was aware I was thinking if it's too early to teach him the concept of paying. Nevertheless we had fun, and I was amused by his "innovation".

Looking forward to more impromptu play.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The start of 1001 WHATs

At 28 months, I certainly didn't expect him to start asking me questions. I thought it should be about 4-5?

Boy, I was wrong.

At 4-5, they ask 1001 whys.

Now, he asks 1001 whats.

Initially, he asked "who's that?"

Please don't reply him "oh, that's so and so.. Uncle, great aunt bla bla bla" coz he actually meant "what's that?"

Just in a week, I managed to teach him that the right way of asking is "what's that?".

His version became "what's the name?"

That's okay for me, better than who's that when he is really asking about an object, right.

So, he was surfing on YouTube and we found a clip showing vintage clocks.

He said "cuckoo clock" when he saw one.

Then another vintage clock and another, and another that I don't know their names.

He asked "what's the name?"

"Errr... That's many many different types if grandfather's clock!"

Ok, no score for that I know, but my brain was blocked.

I think Wiki and Google are going to be my closer friends ever, not that we are not close enough now. Seems like we would be inseparable.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Talking sense into IZ..

IZ has this habit of bringing "something" to school since the school started in Jan. On most days, he would bring an egg to school. Yes, you read right, an egg... not the real one of course, although they do look like real ones. You have no idea how many kinds of eggs we have at home. Haha!

One type of Eggs we have at home..

I bought the Eggspression in Isetan coz I found them so cute, with expression on the eggs. There are happy, excited, sad, angry etc. IZ would usually bring the happy egg to school.

Aren't they cute?

Could also make into stacking toy

At times, he would bring a hand puppet I bought for him.

This week, he brought a mini Disney hardcover book, the one with Minnie Mouse on the cover. He developed special interest on Minnie and would hold on to the book wherever he goes, read: toilet, nap, sleep, and of course to school.

To sleep

On Tue, my helper called me after she picked IZ up from school, and told me that teacher would call me to talk about IZ bringing something to school. I panicked.. hmm.. can't he hold on to something while he walked to school? They kept whatever object he brought in the bag before class starts anyway. Helper told me that IZ also hold on to something in the class, DURING the class. And I asked, what's the problem with that? As long as he returns the "something" before class ends, and not bringing it home.

I was puzzled for a day..

Until yesterday, when I watched videos my helper took of Earth Day in Kinderland. I saw that IZ was holding on to his Minnie book (it was not kept in his bag!). And helper told me, one of his classmates actually snatched his book, and 2 others looked on longingly and pointed and whispered Minnie softly.

To school

Now.. I know what's the problem. It caused problem to the teacher. She would have to disperse the interested onlookers, and also conflict if any, coz some of them may want to snatch or touch or share for that matter.

So last night, I've decided to talk to IZ about it, in the hope he would give up bringing Minnie to school. He looked for Minnie and held on to it while he drank milk and I took the chance to talk to him.

"You know, IZ, tomorrow onwards, could you not bring Minnie book to school?.."
"Your friends would be unhappy when you bring Minnie book to school coz they are not able to touch, play or share the book with you..."
"Nicole would be unhappy.. Sasha would be unhappy.. Kayleia would be unhappy..."
"Do you want your friends to be unhappy?"

He shook his head.

"That's a good boy. You could bring some other things to school.. you could bring your egg.."

He paused sucking his milk and said "happy egg"..

"Yes, you could bring your happy egg to school.. and not Minnie book ok.."


Few mins later..

IZ: "Nicole unhappy.. Minnie book.."

"Yes, Nicole would be unhappy if you bring Minnie book to school.."

IZ: "happy egg"

"Yes, you could bring happy egg to school"

Then he fell asleep holding on to Minnie book.

This morning, my helper got panicked, she wanted to hide the Minnie book just before we were ready to leave the house. I told her to leave it just where it was and see if IZ could remember what I told him last night.

"Time to go IZ, is there anything you want to bring to school today?"

IZ: "NO Minnie book"

"Yes, that's right IZ, mommy is so proud of you. No Minnie Book, do you remember why?"

IZ: "Nicole not happy"

"Yes, Nicole would be unhappy if you bring Minnie book. You remember what mommy said last night, well done. So, is there anything you want to bring today?"

IZ: happy egg!

And so he went to school with his happy egg.

I'm really proud and convinced once again, that talking to him works well.

Edited on 24th Apr'13:

As expected, Ms. Fizah called me yesterday and she started the conversation by saying she told my helper that she would call regarding what IZ brings to school... etc..

So I told her frankly I know her concern now, and I made sure I've told and reminded IZ not to bring Minnie book to school telling her the above post, not in details of course! :-D

She shared that the girls in the class love Minnie thus it really imposed problem when IZ brought Minnie book. Ok, point well noted. (I did the corrective and preventive action right away, so this shouldn't be a problem).

Edited on 25th Apr'13:

This morning, he sneakily wanted to bring Mickey soft toy to school but we told him no, as it would make his friends unhappy. He switched to Happy Egg immediately.

*** mission accomplished ***

Learnt new pose

Monday, 15 April 2013

IZ draws.. @28 months

The beginning of his copy skills..

The worst punishment.. ever..

As usual, we went to the temple yesterday, something we do on every Sunday evening.

Last night, IZ decided to be mischievous, climbing the stairs, took off his sandals, and he wanted to play.

After done praying, both hubby and I were leaving, but IZ refused to follow.

Hubby went into the car and closed the door.

I went into the car, but have not closed my door, when IZ started to panic.

He ran sprinted towards us, crying, screaming "daddy! mommy!" as if there was a mad dog chasing him, or if he was running sprinting for a 100m dash.

Momentum caught better of him, and he tripped.

I carried him up, he was choking.. with fear, with panic, with tears...

He stopped crying after a while.

Asked if he was hurt, he said his right elbow felt painful, but I saw no scratches.

Then we went to pasar malam as planned, I found my feet went jelly, I couldn't walk properly as I was really scared for IZ.

It was the worst punishment ever.. I vowed I'll never do it again, not this way. I'm not going to compromise his safety, ever again.

Hubby said it should be a good thing afterall, he should have learnt.

I'm not sure about IZ, but I've definitely learnt a big lesson..

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

IZ Says @ 28 months

Do you want to see doctor?

I went home to my parents' over the weekend for QingMing (Tomb Sweeping). The following day upon my return, I asked helper how was IZ at home.

She told me an incident where IZ noticed a pimple on her face and said "ouch! pain pain... do you want to go see doctor?" and stared right into her face with concern.

She said she thanked him but there was no need to see doctor, he went over to her, pat pat her head as a gesture of "sayang sayang".

I'm really proud of him.

Are you sure?

We bade bye and helper brought him to school as usual. I overheard:

Helper: let's walk this way
IZ: (looked up to her) ah? are you sure?!

I couldn't help burst in laughter..

Added on 15th Apr'13:

Ship vs Sheep

We were at East Coast, had early dinner at Old Town, and decided to bring IZ nearer to the beach, although we didn't bring any tools.

Daddy: look at those ships!
IZ: no ship (he looked real hard)
Mommy: there, so many! (started counting..)

Few mins later...

IZ: mommy, where's the mek mek?

Thistle, Port Dickson: 16~17th Mar'13

We left UK Farm to make our way to Thistle Hotel in Port Dickson to meet up with my parents.

Adults were greeted by a glass of mocktail.. the kiddos? Ice cream.. and..
I was surprised he wasn't scared of the clown.. he liked the sword, if only it could last one day.. the balloon had no air the next day..
Enjoying his ice cream
Blessed to be fed by grandpa
Deep in thought
Our room.. spacious!
View from our balcony
Overseeing the pool and the sea
Us at the baby pool!
Slide.. woohoo!
Like some bollywood actor..
Happy grandpa
Playing seriously.. seriously playing

Grandma anxious

Happy kid get to play
The world was his
Nice view.. a family flying kite
He loves the sand
Another Bollywood pose
As the sun going to set
Busy drawing in the room
Grandpa & Grandma across at the other wing
Wan Loong Temple
Young kids playing the drum
For the lion dance
A little too loud for him
Grandpa sayang
View in the temple
Biggest tortoise believed to bring luck
Trying fresh coconut
Indoor playground in the hotel
Somehow he is afraid of everything this trip
Father-son bonding
Enjoyed playing in the sand
Pretend sun-bathing
Visit to Eagle Ranch
The view in the resort
Woods all over
Interesting prop
Cowboy all over
Red Indian alike resort